Epeolatry, from the Greek epos (word) + latry (worship), literally means ‘The worship of words’.
For me, it seems almost impossible not to love words. They are pure magic!
When I read, I feel I can contemplate all words dancing in a perfect choreography in front of me.
I love words, or should I say I worship them?
I find some words to be similar to precious stones, unique and perfect in their own way.
I love them so much that I collect them. Seriously, I have a list that every year gets longer and longer.

Here are my four reasons for loving them:

– They have a meaning, they could be profound or superfluous. They have a personality and like with a person, they could be loved or hated for that reason.

– Sometimes I love them just because of how they sound. Sometimes that sound makes me feel good in a way that I feel alexithymia ;). For example, one of the words I love with all my heart is Janela, which in Portuguese means window. Nothing profound there, I just love how it sounds and how it makes me feel. Fun fact, I also like the word Finestra, which ironically also means window, but in Italian. Hmmm… maybe there is something else behind that meaning.

– I love them because they are like legos. If you know how to use them, you can build marvellous things, you can build entire worlds with them. Isn’t that amazing?

– I love them because they have their own way to touch souls. Through books, people can love and hate, smile or cry, or even be bored to death!

Words are amazing. If you put the right words together, you can create exhilarating novels; hilarious comedies; exciting adventures; romantic tales and frightening stories!
Words are extraordinary, they carry the possibility of making your heart vibrate to an unknown frequency.

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