Being from Argentina, this word means a lot to me. Sobremesa is more than a word for us, it’s a meaningful tradition that we keep alive because, honestly, we love it. Sobremesa is not restricted to my country and most people know this word because of the Spanish custom. I can’t talk about how Spaniards … More Sobremesa


Linguistics believe that the Japanese language is one of the most complex languages in the world. I recently came across the Japanese term Yoko-Meshi, and after some research, I found this is one such word that holds many meanings, depending on the context. I fell in love with one particular meaning, so I decided to … More Yoko-Meshi

Beautiful Siena

The sun still beats down warmly over the Sienese countryside in September, and the stubble left by harvest covers the fields with a sort of animal fur. It is one of the most beautiful countrysides in the world: God has drawn the curve of its hills with an exquisite freedom, and has given it a … More Beautiful Siena

Music and travels

Of all kind of trips, road trips are probably my favourite ones.Don’t get me wrong I love flying, everything feels so small and huge at the same time. However, driving around unknown places makes me feel butterflies.It’s all about the road trip ‘aura’, maybe because I allow myself to travel a bit heavier, or is … More Music and travels