Music and travels

Of all kind of trips, road trips are probably my favourite ones.
Don’t get me wrong I love flying, everything feels so small and huge at the same time. However, driving around unknown places makes me feel butterflies.
It’s all about the road trip ‘aura’, maybe because I allow myself to travel a bit heavier, or is this thing about that ‘freedom’ feeling around.
I don’t know, maybe it’s everything at once, the music, the snacks, the profound and hilarious conversations we have.
I love road tripping just as much as I love ‘train-tripping’ if that expression exists. But it doesn’t matter how we are travelling, what matters is the music we listen to on our trips.
I believe one significant part of every one of our trips is music, is like the bridge that connects emotions with places. While road tripping, music is vital, essential as petrol to keep driving and like the air we breathe.
I know how dramatic it sounds, but believe me, that’s how I feel about music and travels.
Music fills the air and once back at home certain songs can carry us to the past, to those moments we keep close to our hearts, to those amazing memories we created travelling around.
We travel with an open mind, seeking and finding music as the road leads us deeper into our trip.
Today, sitting at my desk and thinking about travels, I am listening to the playlist we made while travelling around Japan.
The songs take me slowly, deeper and deeper into the land of the rising sun.
Now, feeling that trip so close to my soul, the only option that I have is to share some of it with you. I hope our pictures inspire you to visit that incredible country. In the meantime click on the pics and I will take you to Japan, at least for a little bit.

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